Live by the curve. Play by the curve.

Our Story

Started in Feb 2017,  The Curve Appeal was created to provide a scared safe space for curvy women and promote body positivity and self love. The Curve Appeal hosts curated events  designed for women with curves. Our focus is building a loving and supportive community where our clients can feel welcomed, have fun, and build bonds with each other. 

As we move forward to 2018, The Curve Appeal will not only expand its fitness program but also host body positive and self care events geared to get your Mind & Soul in sync.

The Curve Appeal was created by Elle Swoope, fashion stylist and fellow plus size/curvy girl.

The Curve Appeal has grown into a deep personal passion and has become apart of my daily life. One of the most profound moments of the Curve Appeal is after the events and women express how much fun they had and how its just amazing it is to be in such a warm space. Through this group, I have shared many hugs, laughs, and even tears. 
Working with plus fashion models and plus bloggers, I has learned so much about the gaps in the industry and wanted desperately to find a way to bring it all together while promoting self love, body positivity, community and health. I’m so happy that The Curve Appeal has become a home to some women and I’m looking forward to having more women join our community. 
— Elle, Owner/Event Coordinator